Find Expired Domains

Find Expired Domains

Browse our dropped domains list (updated daily) or download the Top 1000 Most Valuable Dropped Domains List.

  • Aged Domain Names
  • Search Engine Indexed
  • Valid Google PageRank
  • Indexed Backlinks

 Build Authority Sites

 Build Authority Sites

We setup domains in over 80 niches from only 99 USD / site. Browse our ready-to-go inventory for examples.

  • Premium Templates & Plugins
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Relevant Content (5-10 Articles)
  • Social Media Accounts

 Resell Domains

 Resell Domains

Resell websites as your own or make them part of your digital marketing offer with these great selling points:

  • Established Domains
  • Quality Designs
  • Optimized Content & Images
  • Business-ready

Site Under Construction - Simply the best domain reseller partner - we help you register cheap names and resell them as authority websites

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EasyToResellDomains - How It Works is a very straight-forward proposition - we offer you a simple solution to launch new projects (websites) with less stress and hassle. Traditionally, launching a new website, be it for your own project or for a client, was a time-consuming process prior to having anything to show for it. There was time spent on choosing a domain name, registering it, waiting for the DNS records to propagate. This on top of deciding on what reseller hosting package to go with, selecting the most suitable Content Management System to power the website, dealing with graphics and HTML designers and writing new content. And if looking for any Search Engine love you must factor into the equation the effort of building relevant backlinks, have them indexed and sending the right social signals if you want to rank in the post- Panda/Penguin world. We've done it ourselves many times - but discovered there is a better way:

Forget Launching New Websites from Scratch and Focus on Reselling

What if instead you could bootstrap a new project into online existence with a suitable, ready-to-go website? With the right tools you can identify a domain name that matches your niche, does not cost a fortune and already boasts authority in the form of indexed content and live, valuable backlinks.

Fact: parked domains waiting for a buyer years and years in a row with notorious domain resellers and cyber-squatters have no authority in Search Engines; instead of paying extra for a premium name and worry about its resale domain value, you're better off investing your money in an aged and well-established value website that you can easily rank on page one in Google searches and start monetize immediately. Here's how in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Find Valuable Expired Domains

Dropped domains are domain names previously registered but no longer renewed by the original owner. The mechanics of domain registration and release have been covered at length on other sites - what matters to us is that thousands (yes, THOUSANDS!) of freshly dropped domains are appearing every day. Like mining for gold, finding the valuable ones requires detail work and dedication - if you want to try your hand, you can use our handy interface and browse for the latest dropped domains for free (updated daily). Alternatively you can register on our site and download the Top 1000 Most Valuable Dropped Domains (also updated daily) - a premium collection of the best domains recently expired plus those offered via domain name resellers like Godaddy Auctions, Snapnames and SeDo, sorted by their PageRank, Alexa, indexed pages, backlinks and other valuable information.

Step 2: Build Authority Sites Over Night

Building an authority site can be as simple as deploying Wordpress with a customized theme and a smart selection of plugins. Posting several relevant articles for the search engines to index will determine the central theme of the site. Attention to detail is crucial - from displaying authenticity signals to offering rich content. A custom-designed logo, contact details and associated social media properties are also part of building a good foundation for your project. A good website is configured to load fast and runs the perfect mix of plugins to accomplish a variety of tasks - from on-page Search Engine optimization to spam protection and security against malware attacks. offers you both a portfolio of "ready-to-go" websites in a variety of niches as well as the option of having your domain geared up to suit your project. You get a professional looking website based on a premium template, content, all proper plugins in place and the so much needed social media accounts for as little as 99USD - and everything backed by our 200% Money-back Guarantee - if you're not happy with it, we WILL PAY YOU TWICE THE MONEY to tell us where we went wrong.

Step 3: Resell Domains Names and Sites for Profit

You should start with this goal in mind - is just the means to satisfy your need for authority, quality-built websites on valuable domains, readily available to resell at a profit. If you are an online serial entrepreneur and need a website for your foray into a new niche, this can save you the trouble of doing it yourself and let you focus on driving traffic and optimizing the conversion on your pages. For agencies, especially those working with offline clients, this can mean you don't have to work on a single client at a time - you can instead approach as many local leads as you can simultaneously and leverage our service to deliver top quality websites on aged domains to each of them over a short period of time. Use our existing inventory to check out the various templates available already - from freelancers and real estate agents to spas, restaurants and hotels - we can turn out quality, ready-made sites in the shortest time while letting you focus on building trust and growing business with your clients.

Is the Ultimate Flipping Source?

Buying and selling websites for profit ("flipping") has been long touted as an unsaturable method of making money online. Popular marketplaces like claim over 60% of their listings sell successfully. Unfortunately their success is also the source of their demise - the place is crowded with sellers faking revenue and traffic figures, shill bidding or plainly scamming buyers. websites are not monetized with ads and in general claim no revenue - it is up to our clients to turn them into working businesses. And last, a word of caution in regards to websites sold anywhere on the basis of claimed revenue - if it's too good to be true, do yourself a favor and stay away from it - you might just save yourself some trouble.

How to Select a Domain Name

When selecting a domain name, forget being original or creative. A big part of web design is having a site with a good, on-topic name. Having a catchy, relevant name will make people remember a website just as much as any design features would. Don't think that turning a modest name into a brand is so difficult, either. According to Verisign and, the year-on-year increase in domain names registrations is over 7% and since 2011 there are over 90 million .com domains registered and active. Against these odds, the chances of getting a short, pronounceable, smart and catchy .com domain name are very small - instead you should focus your attention on salvaging as much equity as possible with a dropped domain for the same price and make up for any lackluster with a sharp focus on generating content and building authority behind your new business name.

When you decide on a domain name to choose try your best to choose one that is already established and carries some authority. You don't want to pick a domain name that is brand new unless you plan on building a recognizable brand from scratch. Aged domains with backlinks and authority are preferable as long as your can adapt to re-purpose their legacy.

Selecting an aged domain name is a very important aspect of website design. Many projects fail on account of trying to launch a good web design while at the same time starting with a brand new domain name. This can easily be too much, and more often than not something has to give. EasyToResellDomains offers a cheap domain name alternative to these projects - our portfolio of websites for sale cover many niches (internet marketing, social media, blogging, B2B services, health, fashion, lifestyle etc.) under memorable names, but we offer a lot more than that - aged domains with good standing in Google/Bing/Yahoo, featuring original content and images and backed by indexed links from a variety of sites - all pre-requisites to bootstrap your project and save big on getting fresh content, indexing it and building a respectable backlinks footprint.

If you are targeting a local population with your website, consider purchasing a country code top level domain. This will almost guarantee exact match domains (EMD) top rankings on their key phrases for that particular region or country. A ccTLD is perfect for directing regional visitors to your site, when they may not have found it otherwise.

A great web design tip with regards to choosing your domain name is to choose a domain name that does not contain a dash (-). Sites with dashes are often not entered when people are trying to visit your site so try and avoid them at all cost so you don't lost any traffic. Our Dropped Domains list can be filtered to leave out domains containing dashes or numbers in their name.

If you have ideas for multiple websites, it's a good move to go ahead and search for relevant dropped domains now. Be creative and pick out something that you want, but make sure you do your due diligence - check what content had the domain hosted before expiring and where are its backlinks and referrals coming from - you'd be surprised at just how many people miss double meanings or wrong spellings and end up with a compromised domain. As a general rule, start by trying to uncover why did the previous owner let it drop - even registering the name of a bankrupt business can be a good idea if you know about it and are prepared to handle in preemptively.

It may be worth your while to monitor out some domain auctions even if you don't have a project planned around a promising domain already. Godaddy and SeDo are just some sources for domain auctions we track in our daily list of Top 1000 domains and there are good opportunities to purchase a dropped one very cheap and resell it as an established website or simply resell the domain name for profit. Snatching an excellent domain name is worth the associated cost and can deliver excellent returns on investment with the advice you find on our website.